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Synchronicity (EP) by cyntrix [Existential Dread Music]

Synchronicity (EP)

Release Date


Track List

  1. Articulate

  2. Threshold

  3. Synchronicity (feat. the pilot)


Synchronicity is a three track liquid/vocal drum & bass EP. It's a mirror reflection of my previous release, 'Initialize'. It features atmospheric vocal pads with choir-like vocal layers to create an abstract-yet-hopeful energy to the music.

The 3-track EP will be available on at 12AM EST 05/10/2023, and will be streaming on all platforms on the 10th or soon after.

Support local music by pre-ordering the EP on bandcamp and instantly gain early access to the title track! You can also pre-save on Spotify to be automatically be added to your library!

Members of the Cyntrix Productions Patreon gain access to my entire discography for free! Becoming a patron is the absolute best way to support our music.

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