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Cyntrix Productions is a single-member LLC based in Louisville, Kentucky officially founded in 2022 by Louisville-native, Richard Stottman. The main goal of Cyntrix Productions is to create meaningful content, uplifting local artists and musicians, and to encourage creative endeavors in my community.

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What is a "cyntrix"?

What 'cyntrix' means to me is a chain-reaction of events caused by a small, yet mindful action. This could be a spark of an idea inspired by listening to a song, or even a compassionate gesture toward another person or animal that ends up having a significant impact in their life. My intention with both 'cyntrix' the music project and 'Cyntrix Productions' the company is to provide resources to the amazing artists and musicians in the hopes that their work inspires our community as a whole.

-Richard Stottman, Cyntrix Productions

Portrait of Richard Stottman - Founder, Owner, and Chief Director of Cyntrix Productions in front of the Ohio River in Louisville, Kentucky.

I'm Richard Stottman - Founder, Owner, and Chief Director of Cyntrix Productions, LLC. I consider myself a music producer and audio engineer over business owner or "entrepreneur," as I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing in that regard. I'm just here for my love of art and music as well as my desire to help people and make the world a better place.

Music has been my calling ever since I can remember. Starting from begging my parents for piano lessons at the age of 5, to beginning to learn to record music at age 10, to founding a pop-punk band, Think Harder, at age 15, to finally starting my official journey into the music industry by assisting local label Little Heart Records, studying Sound Engineering at Indiana University Southeast while acting as the Arts & Entertainment Coordinator, and doing freelance audio engineering and music production work to clients around the globe.

After getting some professional experience working at a few local startups such as American Infinity Printing,  Beargrass Thunder, and Gramma's Sausages, I hope to combine my skills and experience to seek out and provide resources to small and unknown talent in my community in hopes of uplifting local artists and musicians, inspiring people to make meaningful changes in their both their individual lives as well as the world.


Please don't hesitate to reach out - I'd sincerely love to hear about your projects and ideas. 

Send an email to  or use the contact form below.

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