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Are you interested in having your music reviewed and
featured in an article or video?

Cyntrix Productions is seeking music created by artists, bands, and musicians from in and around Louisville.

Follow the instructions below to submit your music for consideration.

How to submit your music for review

1. Prepare your music

Make sure your tracks are ready. If they haven't been publicly released, upload them to Google Drive or another cloud storage service.

.wav or .mp3 files as well as Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube links are accepted.

2. Submit your music

Send a link to a streaming service or direct download to my email. Include some info about yourself and your music - How do you pronounce your name? Did you record yourself or at a studio? Who are the producers or members of your band? I want to know about your creative process of writing the songs as well as technical details about your recording process.


Subject: Submission for Music Review

Body: Describe your tracks - include info such as artist name, genre, release date, information & location of recording.

3. Stay Tuned

You will hear back soon! Be on the lookout in case I have any questions - I'll let you know whether or not your music will be featured. 

Louisville Muse:

local music reviews

Check back soon
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