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Are you interested in having your music distributed across all platforms (Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Amazon, TikTok, YouTube, etc.)?

Cyntrix Productions is seeking small and unknown artists to support and promote.

Local artists from the Louisville area may be eligible for free distribution and other services.


Follow the instructions below to submit your music for consideration.

How to submit your music for distribution


1. Prepare your track(s)

Get your tracks ready. They don't have to be perfect. It could be a demo or a fully mastered song. You can specify details later.

2. Upload your track(s) to Google Drive

Use your personal Google/Gmail account to upload your tracks. Other cloud storage like Dropbox or One Drive works too.

3. Email your track(s) to


Subject: Submission for Music Distribution

Body: Describe your tracks - is it a demo, is it ready to release? I'd love to hear about your creative process.

4. Stay Tuned

You will hear back soon! More info will probably be needed, but I will help you draft a plan moving forward.



YouTube Detection & Revenue: $10/yr

Get notified & collect revenue if your music is ever used in any YouTube videos.

Store Maximizer: $10/yr

Automatically deliver your music to new streaming services as they become available.

Shazam & Siri:  $10 

Add your music so Shazam & iPhone Siri databases so fans can be linked to your music if they like what they hear.

MQA/TIDAL master:  $10 

Encodes your music using MQA, which displays the "MASTER" badge on Tidal, and delivers audiophile quality on other streaming services & devices including Tidal, FiiO, Astell & Kern, iFi, AudioQuest, and many more.


Cover Song Licensing Fee $10/yr per track

Compulsory mechanical licenses are secured by the Harry Fox Agency ("HFA"). Per U.S. copyright law, cover song licenses only provide legal coverage if the original song has already been released in the US, and the main elements of the original song (original lyrics, melody and title) remain fundamentally unaltered within the new sound recording. Genre changes and embellishments are totally okay and encouraged. Language changes are probably not okay. If you're not sure if your cover is allowed or not, please see the Harry Fox Agency's FAQ (here) and make sure to only upload covers that can be covered by compulsory mechanical licenses. These rules are legal copyright requirements and affect all distributors and licensors. Releases containing cover songs will not be available for sale in India, Pakistan, Mexico, or Canada.

Cyntrix Productions LLC will automatically deduct the legally-mandated fee of 9.1¢ per song sold in the U.S. from your earnings and send it to HFA, who sends it to the original songwriter. You'll get 100% of the rest.

The licensing fee will cover the following:

Submissions: FREE

All submissions will be completely free for consideration. You must own all rights to your submissions -

usually this means original music. Cover songs are okay to submit, but will require additional licensing fees.

Single (1 track): $10

Single tracks will have a one-time $10 distribution fee. You keep 100% of royalties

This fee may be waived for Louisville artists at Cyntrix Production's discretion.

Release (2-30 tracks): $25

Releases will have a one-time $25 distribution fee. You keep 100% of royalties.

This fee may be waived for Louisville artists at Cyntrix Production's discretion.


Do you have a question or aren't sure how to proceed? Shoot me an email at
or use the contact form below.

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