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Cyntrix Productions is a one-man Louisville-based digital production company focused on creating meaningful content and uplifting artists, musicians, & creatives. I provide resources and solutions for creative projects in hopes to inspire people to make their community and their world a better place.

Cyntrix Productions offers Audio & Music services including mobile studio recording, audio processing, mixing, mastering, and music distribution - anything and everything you need to turn your ideas into a radio-ready release that's available on all streaming and music platforms!

I also offer Content & Video services such as Live Performance Videos, Professional Music Videos, Event Coverage, and Ads & Promos for artists, bands, brands, and businesses!

Need a simple-yet-effective and budget-friendly custom website?

Cyntrix Productions is now offering Web Design and accompanying services such as copywriting, digital marketing, branding, and SEO!

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Audio & Music services & solutions

Child Star

Mobile Studio Recording

Professional studio-quality recording in
the comfort of your own home

I'll bring the set-up to where you feel safe, comfortable, and most likely to give your best heartfelt and authentic performance without the distractions (and price) of a traditional recording studio or stress of being in a new place.

Transform your song ideas into a professionally-produced radio-ready masterpiece starting with recording to processing, mixing, mastering, and distribution!

Recording Studio

Audio Services

Creative and professional
music & audio solutions

Looking for budget-friendly
mixing an
d mastering services?

In need of professional
vocal treatment or instrument processing?

Have a rough or noisy audio track that needs to be touched up?

Music Amplifier Repair

Music Production

production & engineering

Work with a professional audio engineer & music producer to bring your ideas to life!

Beats, Instrumentals, Soundtracks, Foleymusic and sound design of all kinds to suit your project's needs.

Website Design Services

In need of a budget-friendly & simple-yet-effective website?

Cyntrix Productions is now offering Wix-based web design services.

I can help with designing an on-brand and functional website (just like this one).

The services include other digital essentials such as copywriting, graphic design, & SEO.

Web Design

Create a fully customized, professional, functional, website to connect and engage with your target audience

Branding & Marketing

Build your brand to boost engagement. Build confidence with consistent branding across all platforms

Copywriting & SEO

Essential aspects of marketing lots of people don't realize the importance of

Content & Video services and solutions

Video Camera Lens
Concert Live Audience

Live Performance Video

Elevate your performance for an online audience

 I know what it feels like to play your heart out to an audience of 10 people (most of which are other band members). 

Immortalize your performance with professional video coverage so your show can live on and be experienced by a limitless number of potential fans across the universe.

Video Camera

Professional Music Video

Budget-friendly - professional - simple & effective

Bring your vision to life!


In this day and age people's attention spans are short so a modern perspective is needed for your creation to be seen and heard.

Polished, corporate content just isn't holding people's attention like it used to. Work with me to achieve an informed, organic, and heart-felt video to accompany your amazing tunes.

Availability for on-site shoots (performance & story-driven) in and around the Louisville area.

Digital social media

Promos & Ads

for bands, brands, and businesses

Don't make the mistake that most corporate entities make and invest thousands of dollars into "high-quality" content that normal people have been conditioned to scroll past without a second thought.

I specialize in "all-natural" and "organic" content that fans and customers can relate to and engage with in real-time. 

Let's work together to create "real" content to truly connect with your target audience.

Support Cyntrix Productions

The best and easiest way to support Cyntrix Productions is by joining our Patreon. For just $5 you can gain access to exclusive posts containing unreleased music and other goodies as well as receiving a code to unlock Cyntrix & The Pilot's entire discography! 

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I'd sincerely love to learn about your creative project and what I can do to help bring it into reality. 
Shoot me an email at or use the contact form below.

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