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Cyntrix.Alpha - Cyntrix (2017)

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Release date: January 23, 2017

Cyntrix.Alpha (originally Cyntrix Prerelease Bundle) was Cyntrix's debut release. It was uploaded to SoundCloud and Bandcamp for free. It was written and recorded by Richard Stottman in his college dorm while studying music production at Indiana University Southeast. It was independently released January 23rd, 2017.

Fun facts: The lyrics to the song 'Mall Fountain' were written by Nat Liles who would later collaborate on the dual-artist album, 'Open Every Pore' almost 5 years later. Richard showed Nathaniel the instrumental to Mall Fountain, suggesting that it needed lyrics. Nat proceeded to sit down and write all of the lyrics in one 15 minute sitting. The vocals were originally recorded for demo purposes but ended up being Richard's first vocal performance.


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