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Ocean Zone (Tendinitis) - Cyntrix (2017)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Release date: January 1, 2017

Ocean Zone (Tendinitis) is Cyntrix's third release. It was written and recorded by Richard Stottman in his bedroom studio while living in Clarksville, Indiana. It was independently released January 1st, 2017.

This album was actually designed as a kind of thought experiment:

The Ocean Zone (Tendinitis) EP is a tool to be used to guide your thoughts. Each note, rhythm, and melody was consciously chosen in order to achieve certain psychological effects and mindsets; even the seemingly random noises and echoes are there for an important purpose. It is designed in a way that every person who listens will have a different experience, and is completely open to interpretation.
To get the most out of this tool, make sure you have enough time to listen to it's entirety with minimal distractions, and without skipping parts or sections of the tracks. Don't "listen" to the songs; let yourself "zone out" and follow each thought you experience like a flowchart, with one branching into the other. By the end of the album, you should be somewhere you have never been before.

Fun facts:

  • This release was heavily influenced by the soundtrack of Donkey Kong Country, and also underwater video game levels in general.

  • The song 'Art of Dreaming' is actually a cover from indie artist 'willcady'. Richard and Will met on a lucid dreaming message board where Will had posted his original song. Richard arranged a cover, and Anthony Valentine of Think Harder performed the vocals.


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