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on stepping lightly (feat. STOiZY)

on stepping lightly

Release Date


Cyntrix and STOiZY are excited to bring you 'on stepping lightly'! This is a track you've never heard anything like before, combining STOiZY's ethereal lyrics and vocals with cyntrix's track inspired by dnb, idm, dubstep, and experimental electronic music!

About the track

STOiZY released his original mix of 'ON STEPPING LIGHTLY.' off his album 'COMMITTED TO THE VISION OF BIZARRENESS.' on April 25th, 2023.

Cyntrix came across STOiZY on Tiktok and loved his eccentric and expressive personality and content. Cyntrix came across a folder of acapellas and immediately fell in love with STOiZY's On Stepping Lightly vocals, before he even heard the full song. He immediately got permission to start on the remix and started composing new music from scratch. Cyntrix finally listened to the original tune to reprise the original chord progression and melody in the final part of the new version.


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