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Where did Cyntrix Productions go?!?

You may be wondering why Cyntrix Productions dropped off the face of the earth!

Long story short, at the beginning of the year I was fully intending on starting a full blown record label focusing on uplifting small and unknown artists here in Louisville.

Unfortunately just a few months into getting the business up and running, my financial situation changed. Previously I had been working part time in order to have enough free time to commit to entrepreneurship and music. However due to increased cost of living and other personal life factors that was no longer sustainable.

Due to these changes, my original goal and intention for Cyntrix Productions is no longer feasible. It hurts shifting this dream from my life's main ambition to a hobby to work on in my small amount of free time. Hopefully one day that will change, but for right now I just gotta focus on catching up on bills and taking care of myself.

There will be more details and information coming in the following weeks about what to expect moving forward from Cyntrix Productions. I do intend to continue producing music as Cyntrix along with music videos, social media content, and eventually live shows. It will be slow-going but it's better than nothing!

Thanks to everyone for the support I've been shown thus far. I consider myself to be extremely lucky to be in the situation I'm in, and hope to share meaningful content soon. Expect more sneak previews of new songs, projectrs, and collaborations very soon!



Cyntrix Productions

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