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Gain exclusive access to upcoming releases, WIPs, and demos

Spoiler alert: This is a Patreon promo. Gotta get dat bread somehow. Sorry!

So, it's time to get this ball rolling. I'm going to try my best to convince you to join the Cyntrix Productions patreon. I'll keep it short, sweet, and to the point.

1. Gain access to exclusive local art and music

Your support would grant you exclusive access to upcoming releases, WIPs, demos, and unreleased music from local Louisville artists. Immediately unlock a code to download Cyntrix's entire discography. You will also be eligible for live VIP opportunities at upcoming live events, and more!

2. Support a local business

As the sole member of this business, I need some kind of income to keep this thing afloat. The LLC's overhead, while small, still remains a stress that's looming over me month-to-month. I can't pay out of pocket forever. Contributions as small as $5 will help take the weight off tremendously. Small monthly fees such as website and domain hosting add up. Not to mention these pesky Adobe fees, which are crucial in allowing me to continue creating content.

3. Provide services & resources to small & unknown local artists

One of Cyntrix Productions' main goals is to uplift small and local Louisville artists, bands, and musicians by providing services and resources free of charge. The more contributions I have coming in from Patreon, the better the chance I'll be able to waive these service fees and work with these local artists more often. Your contributions will directly impact Louisville's art and music scene.

Those are the top 3 reasons why you should support Cyntrix Productions by joining our Patreon page. Memberships start at just $5. Your support would mean everything!


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