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OUT NOW: Overgrown by Cyntrix & The Pilot

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

album art by Hillary Cox (@hillsmovingcastle)


Release Date


Track List

  1. Cemetery Gates

  2. Cicada

  3. Oldest friend

  4. Between Us

  5. Overgrown

  6. The Nest

  7. Sprout

We're excited to announce the release of our upcoming collaborative album, Overgrown!

Overgrown is a seven track collaborative anti-pop album. Drawing from modern pop music tropes with a trippy and abstract spin, the album explores overcoming feelings of existential dread and hopelessness by harnessing the power and philosophy of absurdism.

The title track will be available for streaming and download on at 12AM EST 05/10/2023. The full album will be released on all streaming platforms 06/09/23!

Support local music by purchasing the album on bandcamp and ! You can also save on your streaming platform of choice!

Members of the Cyntrix Productions Patreon gain access to my entire discography for free! Becoming a patron is the absolute best way to support our music.

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