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Introducing Cyntrix Productions

Hello, I'm the Owner, Founder and Chief Content Director of Cyntrix Productions! My name is Richard Stottman. I was born and raised here in Louisville, KY. It's always been my dream to be involved with music professionally in some way, and now I'm finally taking the steps to make that dream a reality.

My background

My love for all aspects have music started evolving started at the age of 5 begging my mom for piano lessons, moving onto begin recording music and creating videos on YouTube at age 10, founding and performing in a fairly successful band at age 13, signing to Little Heart Records at age 16, and becoming an audio-visual associate with them at 17 (not to mention being the youngest person to ever be voted 'KY Keyboardist of the Year' for Phoenix Hill Tavern's annual All Star Band)!

At 18 I went on to study Sound Engineering & Music Production at Indiana University Southeast, serving as IUS's Arts & Entertainment Coordinator, beginning my free-lancing journey in the music industry. After the inevitable burnout of being a freelance music producer, I tried my hand at some startups, being a founding member of both American Infinity Productions and Beargrass Thunder, acting as Founder and Director, gaining valuable professional experience and producing hundreds (if not thousands) of articles, videos, and other assets along the way!

Now I'm ready to get back to my roots and see what amazing things I can create with my local community.

My goals

This time around, rather than burning myself out spending 10 hour days doing freelance work - ghost producing horrible-sounding foreign pop records, and being abused by horrible platforms like Fiverr, I'm going to hunker down and focus on collaborating with and promoting the talent that's already here in my local community.

I plan to act as a record label, distributing local music on online platforms, promoting local artists, and coordinating concerts and events. I also plan to collaborate with local companies and small business providing services such as video production, live sound, and even designing and developing assets for indie virtual reality games!

My Inspiration

Hands down, my number one inspiration for all of this is my hero: the late Bryan Puckett - owner and manager of Little Heart Records. He took my rag-tag group of friends who made up our band, Think Harder, in. Like so many others, he believed in us and provided us the resources to succeed. He dedicated his life to supporting small artists and providing Louisville a thriving music scene, which has never been the same since he passed in 2016.


Needless to say, big things are coming. If you're interested in working together or you have a project you think I could help with, don't hesitate to reach out! Shoot me an email at

Use the form below to sign up to be notified of new posts. I will be posting new releases from local artists, events, and other news. Smell ya later!


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